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HANNA is known as half of the wildly talented and successful musical duo, Good Harvest, from Sweden. Good Harvest had a reputation for being an amazing live act and performed on many of the country’s largest stages. After taking a well needed pause during the initial Corona restrictions, Hanna released her first solo album, BareBones, in the Spring of 2021, proving without a doubt that she stands firmly on her own feet as a songwriter and artist. 

The new album, Solitude, is again a collaboration with lyricist, Craig Stanton Thomas and producer, Erik Berglund. In contrast to BareBones this album contains a more organic and heartfelt set of songs processing themes, such as separation, solitude and life's fragility. It is also more autobiographical in nature revealing many personal issues and struggles as Hanna and Craig wrote this album during their own separation from each other. 

The album was also punctuated by Hanna’s near loss of Craig due to serious Covid-19 sickness during the winter and spring of 2022. This is most clear in the opening track, Brave For You, that was written at Craig’s hospital bedside during his recovery.

Hanna’s musical compositions and arrangements show a melodic and harmonic maturity seldom seen in today’s musical landscape. With few exceptions she has recorded all the instrumental and vocal tracks on her albums. You are about to be ushered into a world of wonderful arrangements, masterful guitar playing and hauntingly beautiful singing, not to mention lyrics and issues, which will both inspire and challenge.

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